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Microrovers Catalog

Small in size, but not in capabilities, microrovers may one day play a larger role in exploring other worlds. In partnership with Cornell University, and funded in part by NASA, the Planetary Society is investigating the future role of microrovers in solar system exploration.
We've compiled a catalog of known microrovers that have already been built or designed, ranging in use from military applications to planetary exploration. However, only one rover that has actually visited another world - Sojourner (part of the 1997 Mars Pathfinder mission) - is small enough to be considered a microrover.

Microrovers can help clear bombs, reconnoiter dangerous territory, inspect pipes, or examine rocks on an alien planet. This catalog will serve as a single public location to showcase microrover technology in all its variety, a starting point to see what work has been done before embarking on new design projects.

When is a rover considered "micro"? While there is no precise definition for the size of a microrover, for the purpose of this catalog, the Planetary Society defines them as rovers with a mass of approximately 1 to 12 kilograms.  To put it another way, they range is size from MUSES-CN (1 kg) to Sojourner (11.5 kg).  However, this list also includes rovers up to 100 kg, both as a basis of comparison and because those larger rovers may still help inspire the design of new planetary microrovers.

Microrovers Catalog
Rover Name OriginMassUseLocomotion
2WD Differential Robot Portugal 10 Education and Research Tread
3WD Holonomic Robot Portugal 15 Education and Research Tread
Advanced Whiskers USA 10.89 Education and Research 2-wheel
Anatroller ARE-100 USA   Platform 4-wheel or Tread
Anatroller ARI-100 USA 6 Commercial Tread
ARES USA   Defense 4-wheel
ART 1 USA 18.14 Defense Tread
Asendro Scout Germany 45 Defense Tread with Flippers
Aurora USA 9 Defense Monotread
Axel USA   Space Exploration 2-wheel
Beagle Australia   Defense and HAZMAT Tread
BomBot USA   Defense 4-wheel
Cameleon EOD France 25 Defense Tread with Flippers
Chaos USA 54.43 Platform Tread
CITV-1 France 2.5 Defense 4-wheel or Tread
CLOME-1 France 25 Commercial 4-wheel
CMAG-1 France 1.8 Commercial 4-wheel or Tread
Cobra MK2 France 5.6 Defense 4-wheel
Create USA   Platform  
Cyclops Mk4D UK 34 Defense 4-wheel or Tread
Dragon Runner USA   Defense 4-wheel or Tread
E-puck Switzerland 0.15 Education and Research 2-wheel
Element USA 18.14 Platform Tread
ExplorBot USA     4-wheel or 6-wheel
EyeDrive Israel 2.7 Defense 4-wheel
Ferret Australia   Defense Tread
Foxbot Germany   Defense 6-wheel
G2Bot USA 11.34 Defense Tread
GAIA-2 Canada 40 Education and Research 4-wheel
Hannibal and Attila USA   Space Exploration  
Inbot France 2.1 Defense 4-wheel
Inspection Robot Denmark 3 Commercial 4-wheel
Intruder USA 15.87 Defense 4-wheel
Koala Canada 4 Education and Research 6-wheel
LABO-3 Canada 25 Education and Research 2-wheel
Lector USA 3.6 Defense 4-wheel
Lynchbot USA 13 Defense  
M2P2 USA 18.14 Defense 4-wheel
MARCbot USA 11.3 Defense 4-wheel
Matilda II USA 27.67 Platform Tread
MG-400 Germany 30 Commercial 2-wheel
Microinspector Denmark 1.5 Commercial 4-wheel
Microtracs Canada 6 (Aluminum), 12 (Brass), 12 (Stainless Steel) Commercial Tread
Mini-Badger USA   Commercial 6-wheel
MK1 – Caliber Scout Canada 64 Defense 6-wheel
MP-S500 Germany   Platform 2-wheel
MURV – 100 USA 14 Defense 10-wheel
MUSES-CN USA 1.3 Space Exploration 4-wheel
Nanokhod European Union 1.45 Space Exploration Tread
Negotiator USA 15.4 Defense Tread with Flippers
OTO TRP 1B Italy   Defense Tread with Adaptable Structure
OTO TRP2 Italy 60 Defense Tread
OTO TRP3 FROG Italy 5.5 Defense 4-wheel
OTO TRP7 Italy   Defense Tread
Packbot USA 18.6 Defense Tread with Flippers
Pandora USA 27.22 Defense Tread or Wheel
Pebbles Mars Rover USA   Space Exploration Tread
PIONEER P3-DX USA 9 Education and Research 4-wheel
Piper the Robot USA 10 Commercial 4-wheel
Pointman USA 8.16 Defense 4-wheel
PRM France 26 Defense Tread
Radcam 35 USA 7.26 Commercial 4-wheel
Ranger USA 24.95 Defense Tread
Raposa Portugal 27 Commercial Tread
RATLER USA   Space Exploration and Defense 4-wheel
Recon Scout USA 0.544 Defense 2-wheel
Recon Scout XT USA 0.524 Defense 2-wheel
RMP 200 ATV USA 71 Platform 2-wheel
Robohaz 6-Wheel Korea 40 Defense, Education and Research 6-wheel
Robohaz DT3 Korea 39 Defense, Education and Research Tread
Robohaz Rescue Korea 45 Defense, Education and Research Tread
Robomow Israel 22.68 Commercial 2-wheel
Robson France     4-wheel
Robulab 10 France 20 Platform 3-wheel
Rocky7 USA 11.5 Space Exploration 6-wheel
ROID 102 UK 15 Commercial Tread
Scorpion USA 18.14 Platform Tread
Scout Poland 13 Defense Tread and 4-Wheel (Wheels can be removed
SECT II Canada 5.4 Education and Research 8-wheel
Sentry Australia   Defense Tread
Shrimp III Switzerland 5.4 Platform 6-wheel
SmartTrakk USA 49.8 Terrestrial Exploration Tread
SMC Rover Japan   Space Exploration Modular wheel system
Sojourner USA 11.5 Space Exploration 6-wheel
Souryu II Japan   Defense Tread
Spector USA 7.94 Defense Wheel
SPIDAR USA 12.25 Defense 6-wheel
Spiker Australia   Defense Tread or Wheels
SRR USA   Space Exploration 4-wheel
SUGV 300 Series USA 11.3 Defense Tread with Flippers
SUSS USA 3.175 Defense 4-wheel
TALON (Multiple Configurations) USA 52 Defense Tracked
Titan USA   Commercial 4-wheel
Titan-IX Japan   Defense Walking (4 legs)
Tri-star II Japan   Space Exploration 3-wheel
u-Trooper USA 6 Platform 6-wheel
URBOT USA 29 Defense Tread
Vanguard European Union 26 Space Exploration Tread
Vanguard ROV Canada 56 Defense Tread
Versatrax 100 Canada 9 Commercial Tread
VGTV Canada 6.2 Commercial Tread with Adaptable Structure
VIPeR Israel 11.3 Defense Tread
Whiskers USA   Education and Research 2-wheel
Wifibot 4G USA 4.5 Education and Research 4-wheel
Wifibot-SC USA 4.5 Education and Research 4-wheel
X-Bot USA 10 Defense 4-wheel
X-MUTS Australia   Defense 4-wheel
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