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Share Your Story • Karen Sulprizio • August 30, 2013

TPS - in the beginning

I was honored to join The Planetary Society when I first heard word of it. At the time, I lived in S. California and jumped at the chance to become a part of such a visionary organization. Bruce, Louis and Carl were the not only the founders, but major contributors to the very existance and progress of TPS. We cheered together when we saw movement forward in the space quest and rallied to work together when we saw circumstances falling behind. While I never met Bruce, personally, I followed the increasing presence of TPS, viewing his comments on documentaries and television specials. Bruce Murray is in the fellowship of forward thinking individuals, so rare in our time. I would like to think that Bruce and Carl are now exchanging comments, opinions and laughter; in the prime of their lives. They will be watching, so we have to live up to their expectations.
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