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Share Your Story • Bill Wise • September 6, 2013

As an Amateur Astronomer, (myself), I will miss Bruce!!!!

Dear Planetary Society, As a "long-time" member of the Planetary Society, (as well as a long-time Amateur astronomer), too, I will miss TERRIBBLY DR. Bruce Murray!! HE,(along with Dr. Carl Sagan), INSPIRED me ......"even more" to be involved in ASTRONOMY and (the WORLD'S) SPACE PROGRAMS (especially, I might add), the UNmanned side of NASA, (in particular the Unmanned Planetary Science Program, (which OF COURSE ((FORTUNATELY)) CONTINUES ON TODAY)!! I can only HOPE that the "sequestration" (that has tided up the federal government, (INCLUDING NASA) can be OVERCOME,.....and that NASA can obtain the APPROPRIATE AND ADQUETE AMOUNT OF FUNDING that it so DESPERATELY NEEDS (FOR IT'S FUTURE UNMANNED PLANETARY SCIENCE PROGRAMS)!! Thank You Very Much!! Sincerely, William Wise
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