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Share Your Story • William • November 4, 2019

The Gas Giants on a windy Earth night

The Gas Giants on a windy Earth night

Taken 26 October, New South Wales time, of Jupiter and Saturn, cropped together into one image. I took this image with just my Samsung smartphone and a cheap 8 inch, Dobsonian mounted telescope. With a bit of practice (I've been at this since about July), anyone can capture beautiful images of objects in our solar system and beyond. Visible here are the Great Red Spot, the shadow of Jupiter's moon Io (top right) and another moon I could not identify (over the West of the North equatorial band). Titan is visible above Saturn, as is the Cassini division in its rings. The gas giants are well past opposition now, and retreating behind the Sun. After having followed them across the sky for most of this year, I will definitely miss them.

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