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Share Your Story • TempoMental • June 11, 2019

Trying to help Save The World

Hey!! I'm just a Canadian hip-hop cat trying to make a difference. Bill Nye has always been an inspiration to my everyday efforts to do the right thing. My mother has an animal rescue business and my father was a big inspiration to me in my musical efforts. He passed away from cancer in 2016 and since then I've felt a yearning to be a part of something bigger. I work as a welder in a vehicle assembly plant near Toronto, Ontario. Seems ironic my job is probably one of the main contributors to climate change and yet here I am, someone who believes we should preserve what we have as much as possible. I do my best to contribute to our environmental programs though and I have an ok social media presence I help to spread the word with as well. I love this planet, I love the nature of it and the history we continue to unlock. I enjoy traveling and educating myself on the history of different cultures.

Space has always kind of been a fear of mine. I've always assumed if you fear something it's probably just because you don't understand it. So I began watching Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos and was fascinated by it. When I found out I could contribute, I was all in. I went to college to be an electrician, ended up a welder and I produce, sing and rap when I have the time. I'm not highly educated in this field but I'm happy to be here to learn and contribute any way I can.

Much love and respect to all of you out there doing the same. We need more believers!! Thank you for your time!

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