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Share Your Story • Ronald Kriesel • March 21, 2019

Remembering Opportunity – Stereo Views Newsletter March 2019 By Ron Kriesel

Remembering Opportunity – Stereo Views Newsletter March 2019 By Ron Kriesel

As Opportunity Mission (anticipated as a 90-day mission) has just shut down after 11 years of exploring (2008-2019) and over 26 miles on the surface of Mars, I present several of the interesting Opportunity images. Images courtesy NASA/JPL/Cal Tech/Cornell U and other space agencies. Thousands of images. All camera setups on the Opportunity are stereo pairs so as to capture left/right images. Front Haz Mat Cameras, Rear Haz Mat Cameras, Navigation Cameras, Panoramic Cameras, and the science/micro imaging cameras. Take time to look and have some fun.


1. Opportunity Rover- Space Agency artist conversion
2. Scenic Color Conversion by Ron Kriesel near Victoria Crater. Remember Mars is the “Red” planet. Navigation cameras. Sol 1329
3. Traversing the Sand Dunes Sol 1605 Navigation cameras.
4. Elements Sampling Arm and Tool, Front HazMat cameras, Sol 5104
5. The Lander Base just after Rover deployment. Tracking near Sol 33. Navigation cameras.
6. Dust Devil in the background, in 2016, Panoramic Cameras. Sol 433

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