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Share Your Story • Jessica Healy • July 22, 2018

Science.. Do I say more?

I am 18 years old. I watched Bill through out my middle school years. I was fascinated when I started learning about the sky and minerals in the ground.. And who could forget, the mitochondria in plants. I used to look up at the sky and wondered if I was the only one who saw the stars twinkle, I started getting more involved when I traveled to high mountain and saw the disgusting pollution above my city, when I wanted to know why some people got sick from an infection, why my ocean was growing sick from littering. When I was growing up I couldn't choose which science field I'd want to be in. I loved all of it, and I still am. Now that I'm older and able to understand more about what's really happening around me, I knew that I could help in some ways. Saving water when brushing my teeth, riding a bike, and so many other things I'm sure you take part in too. My dream is to go to NASA, to visit the biosphere, to meet Bill, take part in adventures around the world in different ecosystems, anything or anyone i have been inspired of fascinated by my entire life. Science drives me, and I am here to help.. Dare i say it, save the world!

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