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Share Your Story • Reid Warren • December 27, 2018

One Mans Hope For the Future of Humanity

One Mans Hope For the Future of Humanity

I am a simple Social Studies teacher with a passion and optimism for eventual human space exploration and discovery. When I was young, I was interested in science fiction and future of mankind that included the discovery of other worlds and intelligent life beyond our planetary borders. As I have grown, that interest has evolved into a more enlightened appreciation for real science and the promise that it shows for the future. Although my field of study and my career will most likely never result in me being on the frontline of scientific discovery, I do hope that I can foster an imaginative and inquisitive mindset for my students so that they will forever pursue knowledge beyond my classroom and choose to contribute not just to society, but to mankind. My only hope for myself is that I may be one day privileged enough to live to see the first of our species set foot on another planet or make first contact with intelligent life beyond our solar system. I hope that one day I may have a resembling sense of awe to those who once watched Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon and forever redefine the limits of human achievement.

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