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Share Your Story • Kayla Kay • August 2, 2018

Live Long & Prosper

Live Long & Prosper

I am Lieutenant Kayla Kay, Commanding Officer of Canada Station, an official chapter of Starfleet Command Quadrant One. I am 29 years old and since I was a small child I've been watching Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, etc. Of course the always beloved Bill Nye The Science Guy. I always watched him on TV and loved it when at school the teacher would put on a surprise Bill Nye VHS. Anywho, exploring the cosmos is what I love. I believe there's way too much out there to simply be ignorant of it. The answer to ourselves may even be out there. The near-infinite vastness of the universe with equally near-infinite knowledge and discoveries to be made by mankind before the universe gives mankind its kind gentle punt into extinction. Perhaps we can learn enough to contact a new form of intelligent life in our existence or perhaps even better, leave something behind for a future intelligent race to find. Whether they are from Earth or not is irrelevant. Its is you and me in this grand show that are here out of the vast pool of possible people who will never see the light of day because they will never be born. DNA is bound to mathematics and even with 7 billion people here now and the countless billions who have existed there are still countless trillions that will never be. Poets greater than Keets, Scientists greater than Newton, Einstien or Hawking. "We privileged few who won the lottery if birth against all odds. How dare we whine at our inevitable return to that prior state, which the vast majority have never stirred" (The greatest show on earth, nightwish — endless forms most beautiful) I will never stop exploring. Lets explore together.

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