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Share Your Story • Joe St. Germain • March 20, 2018

The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown

The dream (and tragedy) of local educator Christa McAuliffe was my awaking to the world of real space travel, with all of it's elements. I watched as a young child in school as the Challenger was – and then was no longer. I mourned with my classmates like everyone else, but then realized her dream was still alive! Her desire to educate and inspire STILL exists today, and is ever stronger.

Soon after, I began my quest to understand science, space and human ingenuity. I absorbed what I could find, which as a poor Boston kid in the 80's was limited. I extracted all I could in libraries. Then came Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time, then the Hubble telescope with all it's (corrected) glorious photographs. What an age to become enlightened to the world of physics! Soon, it was Story Musgrave, Richard Feynman, Brian Green, Ed Witten - and many others along the way.

Now we live in such privileged times of exploration – both imagination and science. The previous dreams of space exploration are fast becoming reality, and it leaves me at the edge of my seat! Present day: I live for this more than ever, and it makes me happy to know a local astronaut is finally up there doing science experiments: Scott Tingle, here's to you! And soon, Christa McAuliffe's science will be finally completed – and her mission will forever continue on!

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