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My Sky and My Story submissions from 2018

Boldly Going

How a 7-year old boy fell in love with the cosmos...

We need the opportunity

Space settlement is mandatory for human survival.

One Mans Hope For the Future of Humanity

I am a simple Social Studies teacher with a passion for the eventual renewal of Space Exploration.

"The Final Frontier"

In order for the human race to survive, we must turn our eye's upward.

Stereoscopic Image of Asteroid Ryugu

Hayabusa 2 images July 2018, Left & right images rendered as LRL (parallel, cross eye) 3-D image.

Space Camp

My first spacewalk! Shortly followed by my first (semi-) successful rocket launch.


Lunar appreciation through a telescope and a phone.

"Are We Not Men," Devo ...

Three ways in which humankind differs from the dinosaurs...

Former JPL Engineer Launches a New Series of Books on the Space Race

After 40 years at JPL, I now write about the space race at:


Photographing the moon's craters & moonglow with my telescope made me realize the beauty of space.

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Bill Nye and people
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