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Share Your Story • Nathaniel R Phenes • April 21, 2017

Becoming a scientist

A scientist in the making

In my life, since childhood, I have always been extremely interested in science, especially astronomy. I grew up watching the television shows that include Doctors: Bill Nye, Carl Sagan (of course), and Neil Tyson. These individuals, among many others, set the tone for my excitement of the universe and its various natural sciences.

My early education was very flawed and I never thought I would become anything. Along with many other trials and tribulations thrown at me by life and my military service, it didn't seem like I was ever going to get to be the scientist I always dreamed of being. After reorganizing my life and recovering from some of the previously described pitfalls, I was able to finally start reaching for my goals.

Now I have a daughter who I want to set an example for, and armed with an Interdisciplinary Associates of Science degree, I am taking the steps to move in the right direction to eventually earn at least one doctorate in Natural Science. I hope to, one day, get to attend graduate school at Cornell University, like my greatest hero of all, the late and great enlightened man Doctor Carl E. Sagan -- whom I couldn't be happier to share my birthday with (learned this in 2015).

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