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Share Your Story • Jacqueline Musiov • March 30, 2017

Aspiring Astrophysicist

I am a 24 year old student living in Melbourne, Australia. As a child I was always looking up at the night sky wondering what is out there. As a four year old I was asking my parents what other species live in space. I never had the chance for a proper education when I was younger, but after school I went after my dreams and decided to study again to get a proper education. As of this year, I am a first year undergraduate student in Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics. Science Fiction has been a huge influence on me. I grew up watching shows such as Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Star Trek. As I got older I fell in love with Star Trek, and took inspiration from the show to become a scientist. There is so much out there that we do not know, so much that we have not yet seen. Science gives us the chance to study our universe, and it is severely under-appreciated in our world today. When you study science you don't just learn new formulas and how to apply them, but you understand how the world works, and opens our eyes to new possibilities. I have never been more happy than I am studying Physics. I am following my dream, and am very proud to be part of the group of people who are passionate about space and science.

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