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Share Your Story • Vishal Nair • January 31, 2017

My Story and Mission

My Story and Mission

A little bit about myself: I recently received my M.S. in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. After completing my studies, I am eager and ready to apply my knowledge and experiences I have gained. I completed an internship at a pharmaceutical company assisting with drug-discovery for various human cancers. I then accepted my current position as a research fellow at UMass Amherst where I am now exploring the field of circadian rhythms.

Space, similar to many others, has had a mystifying effect on me since I was very young. To know there are worlds to be explored, potential alien civilizations to encounter, and an incomprehensible amount of science to be understood makes me uneasy and does not help me sleep at night! I dream of a society where we work together not just as citizens of a country, but as citizens of a world working to explore and spread out amongst the cosmos.

I aim to combine my experience in biotechnology with astrobiology and/or human research in space. I want to thank Mat Kaplan in particular for making the Planetary Radio podcasts, as well as all of the members who inform and educate us. It was through listening to these podcasts where I chose to become a member of The Planetary Society. I hope to contribute to the fields of space research and exploration and I cannot wait to do my part as a Planetary Society member. Thank you!

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