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Share Your Story • Mike Doyle • January 6, 2017

My humble story

My humble story

I have been interested in various aspects of the universe and space exploration since a very young age with Sci-Fi movies, Horizon and Cosmos and Sky at Night documentaries. Then about 3 years ago I purchased a small 50mm dia Celestron refractor and observed the moon with such clarity and some stars. Then I later got a 70mm dia refractor with longer focal length about 2.5 years ago and started taking pics using iPhone. Love that scope, cheapish but optics are quite good. Still have it now but it's only real failing is its relatively poor azimuth mount. I got 114 mm reflector with good quality mount and also holder for using iPhone to take photos. Really want to get a proper astro-cam (I hope soon). Love that scope. Also always follow NASA and ESA and SpaceX etc programes and launches etc and have been to John Kennedy Space Centre. Astronomy and space travel/exploration seems to be in my blood. Thanks and all the best, Mike😊😊😊😊

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