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My Sky and My Story submissions from 2016

I got interested in space from that moment onwards!

In grade 4 I saw a picture in which the sky above a particular rocky landscape did not appear blue!

Fascinating orbits of three bodies

There are a number of beautiful solutions that can be explored in the ThreeBody Lite app.

It's never to late to be amazed

It's never to late to be amazed, my eyes are finally open; and wide!

Radio Jove

20 MHz linear dipole wire antenna for Jupiter radio noise study - UCF, Orlando, FL

Planet IX

Artist impression of the hypothetical ninth planet of the Solar system.

My Fascination!

The story of how the universe took my heart.

Let Everyone Explore the Moon

With dropping launch costs, why not have rovers on the Moon accessed through a web browser.

Full moon in February

This is a 10 panel high res mosaic imaged from my backyard scaled down to fit posting requirements.

Orion Nebula from the Arizona Desert

The Orion Nebula taken from the Desert outside of Phoenix, AZ

Jupiter with Io casting its shadow

Jupiter from my backyard in Phoenix. Io can be seen on the right casting its shadow on the gas giant

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Bill Nye and people
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