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My Sky and My Story submissions from 2016

Then the Sky Opened in My Head!

A small book about stars blasted open my concept of the World and transported me into the Universe.

The Earth's protectors

Being an advocate in many fields

Member for 40 years

I have been a member for 40 years.

Amateur Astronomer in the 60's

Amateur Astronomer since HS.

Summer Moon

Flipped image of the Moon due to being taken through a reflecting telescope one summer evening.

In Orion's Shadow

A starry night under Orion's watchful gaze. (N.Ireland UK)

Weather Balloon Through Telescope

A picture of a high altitude atmospheric balloon through my telescope.

I Was A Child of Apollo 11

I still have this desire to one day in my lifetime, be able to ride on a spacecraft made by mankind

A sketch of Andromeda

A hand sketch of Andromeda done as part of a high school project.

Lifetime Memories of Falling for Space

I have always admired and loved space because it's been apart of my life, history, and family.

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