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Share Your Story • Michella Warren • December 20, 2016

The Earth's protectors

The Earth's protectors

I am half native American Indian from the Navajo tribe (Apache de Navajo), and half Bahraini Arabic. I would say that if this has taught me anything, it’s that you should never judge a book by its cover, and by that I mean people. I have learned different ways of viewing life and the way people see the world as a whole because of my parents’ backgrounds.

One thing I have always loved about space is that by looking up, I was never judged. I was always a fan of science, as in my culture we view the Earth and the Sun as our mother an father essentially. I remember seeing my first solar eclipse, and that changed everything. I grew up in Florida for my first 9 years of childhood, and the waves were and aways will be my medicine. It amazed me the changing of the tides and the affects of the relationships the motions of our planet had with the Sun and the Moon.

I currently am getting my bachelors in Global Studies at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. I believe that in this ever changing world, our people need to be trained in these specific fields, regardless of their careers, in order to have a better understanding and knowledge of the world culture. Our opinions on world culture are typically very limited and unintentionally biased at times. What can we do to change that? I believe this understanding is essential in helping build a better future. The knowledge of how we as people affect the biodiversity is vital for making progress for solutions to current global challenges, such as the dangers of climate change, depletion of resources, potable water, etc. I have always had a passion for science, although I do not dedicate my career to it. I hope to be able to be another part of the contributing society to help make advances for the common good of our environment.

I am a member of the Planetary Society, which is a nonprofit organization that promotes the exploration of space through education. My other interests are helping those who have little or no voice in the public eye and to protect and continue my people’s culture and identity.

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