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Share Your Story • Cosme Damian Bravo • November 25, 2016

I Was A Child of Apollo 11

I Was A Child of Apollo 11

It was destiny that I would be born the same year on September 27th, two months later after NASA’s historic Apollo eleven‘s moon landing on July 20th, 1967. My love of science and space would become a part of my life. I wanted to one day reach beyond the safety of our blue world and see with my own eyes the wonders of our local address in the vastness of what we know of our universe. Life changes and as I became older I had to make this passion secondary to the reality of this world were realistically not just anyone can become astronauts.

Faced with this reality I still held this dream of one day seeing our world from the heavenly perspective that only angels could take advantage of. I still have this desire to one day in my lifetime, be able to ride on a spacecraft made by mankind and at least travel in our own solar system. This is why I wanted to join The Planetary Society, to continue to hope and dream of being part of mankind’s true purpose... to explore the heavens! To bring joy to my inner child, who continues to desperately hope to one day see the miracles which a wait for us beyond the heavens.

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