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Share Your Story • Evan Hilgemann • November 23, 2016

A sketch of Andromeda

A sketch of Andromeda

This picture is a sketch of the Andromeda galaxy that I completed as part of a high school presentation on finding and sketching deep sky objects in a telescope.

I've been an avid amateur astronomer ever since my dad bought me a small telescope when I was young. I remember trying to discern Saturn's rings for the first time and driving to local state parks to escape the city lights. With time we upgraded equipment and became more skilled in the art of observing. We traveled to star parties and spent nights out in sub-zero temperatures just to get that perfect look at the sky. I never got tired of the sense of adventure that space exploration brings. And as a spacecraft engineer today, I truly can trace my life's trajectory back to those first nights on the porch with my dad.

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