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Share Your Story • Dave Vander Vlucht • November 18, 2016

How I came to love Science and Space Travel

When I was a young boy in the 1960s, my mother and I visited with a good friend of hers. Her friend's son was watching Star Trek, so I sat next to him and what I saw I thought was so cool. It was the episode where Captain Kirk was on this planet with a Lizard like creature named the Gorn. They had to battle each other to the death. Another influence was the landing on the Moon in 1969. I watched it on a black and white TV. These two incidents in my young age influenced me, and ever since, I have had a love for Science and space travel. It is my hope that we will find solutions to space travel such as the problem with low gravity on the human body, and the exposure to radiation, as well as new propulsion systems that will enable us to travel far out in space in short periods of time. Well that is why I love what all of you love. :)

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