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Share Your Story • Alan Rhodes • November 18, 2016

Why I Love Science

Why I Love Science

My favorite place to visit when I was 4 years old was the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, especially the Hall of Dinosaurs. Following that, I was allowed to watch Allen Shepherd launch into space when I was in first grade in Butte, Montana. We got to go to the third grade classroom to see it on a specially rigged television connection. I watched every space launch and followed the astronaut's adventures up to the shuttle launches. I followed the robotic missions to the moon and Mars. My mother took a geology course and I got to go along. We even found fossils. I was in junior high then. I have always loved science. When I drew pictures, they were of rockets or dinosaurs very often. I taught high school science for 10 years in the St. Louis area and used Bill Nye's programs and Beekman's World programs occasionally in class. I tried to show my students what science does for them everyday.

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