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Share Your Story • James Kaplan • November 18, 2016

Space Love Story

In the interests of full disclosure, I am one of Mat Kaplan's brothers. So I may be a bit biased when I say, "Planetary Radio is the greatest thing to happen to radio since the invention of the transistor." I'd like to apologize to my big Bro for, when young and innocent, disassembling various items of his personal property. Fortunately his telescope remained intact, and through it I first gazed upon the Moon and Saturn in awe.

At about age five I was introduced to humankind in space with a record album my parent's gave me. My two favorite songs were one which taught you the names of the planets (yes, including Pluto), and another titled Space Pilot Jones, which I heard as Space Pilot James. In our home every Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo mission was faithfully followed. The excitement Walter Cronkite exuded upon the launch of the Saturn Five - we were right there with him. So, Virgin Galactic et al, give me a call, and I will gladly give up my day job at Mach .85, and 45,000 ft, for one with a higher service ceiling. Oh, and I have to bring Mat along for at least one trip, to make amends for all his stuff that was too interesting not to take apart. Ad Astra... #SpaceLoveStory

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