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Share Your Story • Matthew Maichuk • November 17, 2016

I just can't help staring upwards

I just can't help staring upwards

Back in college I was discussion the Civil war with a friend and amidst our "lets admire how much of history we've forgotten" talks the aurora over the battle of Fredericksburg came up. This was mentioned because we were in Florida and the easter egg of the conversation was "The aurora can be seen in the the gulf states".

Just like that, I had my wonder wall. Can I see the aurora here? When will it be strongest? Where is it strongest? And that rabbit hole ran DEEP. Quickly I found out about solar magnetic activity cycle's and when the next round would be then from there started saving for trips to the Yukon, Iceland, Tromso.

Atop that I had to learn photography, cold weather camping, weather and lunar just felt like exploration. Once I started, I had to keep going. Next trip, which i started saving for but who knows, is 2021, to Antarctica for the eclipse.

I imagine one day I won't be able to handle/pay for expeditions. By then I hope to have the equipment to set up in the yard to pursue astrophotography. But since that day hasn't come yet, I'll continue to chase before I sit.

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