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Share Your Story • Graham O'Shaughnessy • May 2, 2016

An Unexpected Romance

I was born with a disease called Billiary Atresia which caused my liver to fail at just three months old. As a kid, my passion was the natural sciences. In fact, at the age of seven or so I decided to pack up my suit case to go down to Africa and help Dianne Fossey save the gorillas. My love of science was average it was definitely there but it wasn't my focus by any means. Then at the age of fifteen I had my second liver transplant. I spent six months in the hospital and missed copious amounts of school.

Throughout my recovery, I searched for reason, I tried different religions but none of them worked. Then one day I sat down to watch "Cosmos: A Space time Odyssey" and like a light-bulb I went "This, this is what I've been searching for!" I hoarded science books and watched everything I could to learn about this amazing world. Never before had my life felt more fulfilling, deeper or profound. From that moment foreword I knew what I wanted to do, I felt like I had lightning in a bottle and I needed to share it with the world. There's that saying "When you're in love, you feel like telling the whole world." I've made it my life's goal to help science and spread the good news to every living person on the planet!

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