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My Sky and My Story submissions from 2015

Three Worlds

This was a particularly stunning and humbling view to witness from my front yard.


Half Moon

Solar Halo Over Cartagena, Colombia

Ice crystals high in Colombia's Caribbean sky produced this wonder at about noon 4/10/15. Wow!

How do you change the approach to space exploration?

New ideas to approach building habital enviroments in space.

Saturn Comparison

I had fun experimenting with Saturn last summer using different cams and a little 3.5" refractor.

One Galaxy of Billions

Another night surrounded by cosmic glory.

A Far Away World

In a world where ignorance resides science prevails.

Dragon Supply ship

Dragon Supply ship visible as it approached the ISS to dock Friday morning!

My Curiosity

I am passionate about space and I love to wonder what's out there.

Exploration is breathtaking

An introduction to me

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