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My Sky and My Story submissions from 2015

Enigmatic Carolina Bays

To test if they are cosmic in nature, I have measured 45,000 Carolina bays to triangulate them

NH Pluto fly-By ...and a tribute to TPS from Paris!

Great moments in Paris for the NH Pluto fly-by... thanks to the Planetary Society!

Channelling my inner-stardust

The education influence of caring individuals will save our world, one person at a time.

Moon through my 8" Telescope

Full moon from last lunar cycle

Venus & Jupiter Conjunction

Venus & Jupiter Conjunction as viewed from Canberra Australia.

Our Galaxy

Our galaxy from a trip to the mountains in NE Arizona. 17 images stacked.

Amateur Astronomer for 50 years

Exploration is what motivates me

Cherry Springs Milky Way

The Milky Way as seen from Pennsylvania

Our Solar System from My Backyard

A couple years effort to image our stellar backyard from my backyard.

Crescent moon in the arch

The crescent moon inside the St. Louis Gateway Arch at the 2015 world robotics tournament.

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