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Share Your Story • Robert Kirk Fliegel • December 28, 2015

A Passion for Exploration & Adventure

A Passion for Exploration & Adventure

As a young boy, I still remember my father taking me into our backyard and showing me the wonders of the night sky. I read his paperback science fiction books and went to sleep many nights with visions of exotic alien planets swimming through my mind. It stayed with me. I have always been an advocate of exploration and developed a love for the earth sciences, graduating college with a BA Degree in Geography/Geomorphology. I have been an avid hiker traveling to many remote locations worldwide. I developed an adventure travel business in Sedona, Arizona offering backcountry treks. Back in the 1980s I was a member of the National Space Society and will never forget attending a conference in Anaheim. Meeting the original Star Trek cast was a hoot! We are on the cusp of truly exciting times for space travel. I want to share this great news, so have developed recently the Cosmos News TODAY. This Facebook page and website offers daily reports of relevant and interesting space facts. Being a member of The Planetary Society has been wonderfully motivating and I look forward to being more deeply involved in promoting its missions and goals.

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