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Share Your Story • Ryan Hawke • November 11, 2015

Race the Moon

Race the Moon

I can remember far back, prior to schooling, riding along in the back seat of the family car on a late night drive. I remember these drives vividly because I always played a game with myself. In my mind I was racing the Moon. Whenever it would fall out of vision, perhaps behind a tree line, I would wait eagerly in hopes that I had lost it. To no avail it would return, seemingly chasing us home. I did this often and for a long while never put much thought into it as it was just something I did to pass the time until we arrived home. It wasn't until school that I eventually learned about the Moon and the rest of our Solar System.

I grew up in a household where beliefs were heavily influenced by Christianity so to marvel at the wonders of our universe was out of place. No one had answers for me at home for the questions I would conjure up so when I got to an age where I could understand things more easily I couldn't get enough. I spent countless hours watching videos, reading books, researching online, anything I could do to get more answers and open new doors for more questions to come from. Now I'm a father. My daughter is three right now and she is showing signs to me of being interested in space and science. We sit up late looking at photographs of planets, galaxies, Pulsars, you name it, watching videos and making sure I answer all her questions along the way. I believe it started with her young. When she was just a few months old I would hold her and watch videos on space or chemistry as she listened. That went on for the first two years of her life and now she gets on my phone and seeks out videos on space when I'm not looking. Her wonder of science is growing and hopefully continues to grow with coming years as mine has.

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