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Share Your Story • Petri Tikkanen • September 8, 2015

Super halo storm

Super halo storm

It was a normal average morning which turned to be an extraordinary day. As always before the breakfast, I went outside to get the local newspaper. And as always, I looked up. I knew that there is nothing to see, because in Finland the summer nights are too bright to see any stars, except the sun of course. (At the North Finland the sun is shining 24/7 through the summer.)

But anyway, I looked up, took a picture with my cell phone, emailed alert to the mailing list of our local astronomy club Jyväskylän Sirius ry, made an observation note to the national astronomy club URSA ry and ran home - with the newspaper. I told to my wife and kids that there is a halo storm (Get your sun glasses and go outside!). I grabbed my heavy camera bag, my breakfast and climbed up to the roof. To the roof because the halo can be a local phenomena and before I could get outside the city to the open field, it could be gone.

Because it was otherwise a normal workday I used my meal and coffee breaks combined and filled my camera with hundreds of photos. It turned to be a nice day after all! The halo storm was visible at the whole south Finland.

And like Mr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson says at the end of every Startalk Radio Show: Keep looking up!

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