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Share Your Story • Camden Margolies • September 2, 2015

Space Is The Best Place

Space Is The Best Place

My generation (the millennials) is a strange lot. We were born into this world of wonderful technological advances and scientific discovery. When I was born, in 1994, the first smart phone was produced and that would forever change the world of technology. I grew up watching Star Wars/Star Trek and was adopted into this sci fi life style and that changed my personal life. All of the technology I was around never really struck me as awesome because it’s all I knew. Watching these sci fi films in a sense, spoiled me with this out of this world technology. That did not stop me from my astronomical curiosity though.

In Star Trek, this group of people was travelling among the stars and here I was, stuck on this rock. At the time, I didn’t think that was quite fair. Then I met Bill Nye the Science Guy. On television, not in real life, that’ll change soon I hope. But he kept telling our class that we can make a difference by exploring science. We had the potential to, dare I say it, change the world! And that philosophy has stuck with me ever since. My life has taken a different turn though, I became a multi-instrumentalist musician but all I write about is science, mainly astronomy. And my goal with my music is to inspire people to explore the cosmos more and hopefully become more than curious about the world and universe we live in.

I joined The Planetary Society so I can be a part of the discoveries and hopefully make a difference because I very much want our society to advance technologically and scientifically. I would very much like our society to be a “Federation of Planets” sort of speak. We humans have an “X” amount of time on this planet and we need to work together to make it better and move on when that time arrives, billions of years from now.

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