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Share Your Story • Petri Tikkanen • August 31, 2015

Under the veil

Under the veil

Finland is a Nordic country. For the northern lights (aurora borealis), it means that those are quite frequently displayed and not only at the horizon. Sometimes you can be directly under the auroral crown. For the 3/18/2015 (18.3.2015) was predicted an auroral storm. The Finnish Meteorological Institute aurora gauges are located at the Jyväskylä Sirius ry's Nyrölä Observatory (our local astronomy club). I loaded the camera batteries, and I heaped supplies ready for the night. When the Sun went down (at that time of year clock 19: 15) I got dressed warmly, and I went towards the observatory.

When I arrived to the destination, the northern lights filled up the sky! We were directly under the auroral crown! Those were very colorful and bright. Spare batteries and memory cards came that night to use. I took thousands of pictures. This time, the northern lights were enjoyable, maybe because I expected specifically to see those. In most cases, auroras are just bothersome "these I have already seen" northern lights messing up my star gazing.

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