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Share Your Story • Awais Choudhry • August 31, 2015

Half Moon

Half Moon

I reckon that anyone looking at this photo would not be that moved. Honestly, there is nothing pretty special about this particular picture of the moon. With all the sophisticated telescopes, powerful lenses and gadgetry out there, this picture would probably look like a lazy attempt. It might be even discarded and forgotten forever. However, for me at least, the view of the moon in this picture shows its silent beauty quite well. The leaves on the side, a half moon floating firm in the blue sky just before dark. Showing us earthlings that no matter where we are on the planet, the moon is always up there in the sky and welcomes anyone who wishes to gaze upon it. The moon isn't that sophisticated like all the advancements that we have made in technology. It's as simple as this picture. Nothing fancy. And that's the beauty of it. :)

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