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Share Your Story • Douglas Bock • July 3, 2015

Amateur Astronomer for 50 years

Amateur Astronomer for 50 years

50 years ago, I had my first opportunity to view our universe through a telescope. I was 9. Since then I've lived an astronomer's life by night, while a systems analyst by day. I've built 2 observatories at 2 locations, to give me the opportunity to image and view our universe from our planet.

I've enjoyed the many years of working within the community, astronomy clubs, and with some professionals on public outreach, data collection and analysis. But most of all, I really enjoy getting out under the sky, checking out newly discovered comets, hunting down Deep Sky Objects (DSO's), especially dim galaxies.

I also enjoy the outreach programs, where I can help the general public understand the universe around us.

I hope that we as a species, can find it within ourselves, to come together as members of this planet, and explore together for our mutual benefit.

If you're interested in a conversation about most anything associated with space exploration, and astrophysics, I'd be happy to participate.

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