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Share Your Story • Richard Sample • May 1, 2015

How do you change the approach to space exploration?

How do you change the approach to space exploration?

My name is Richard Sample. I am a Quality Control inspector with over 30 years in the testing and inspection industries. I am a degreed Nuclear/Metallurgist, an ASNT nationally certified Level III in Ultrasonic’s, Magnetic Particle, and Liquid Penetrant and an API certified Pressure Vessel (510), Process Piping (570), and Storage Tank (653) Inspector. I have worked in Nuclear power plants, Aerospace, Aircraft, Petrochemical, and Polymer industries, with experience in metal / welding fatigue and failure analysis. I have witnessed a much diversified range of fabrication and processing methods over the decades.

My unique work experience has shown me many approaches to fabrication, from construction of Nuclear power plants, chemical plants, testing materials from plastics, metals, welding, aircraft and areospace parts, and even medical implants. Working with such a varied expierience in many methods of fabrication and construction has taught me many of the strengths of each individual approach from each industry. Sometimes you see things in one industry and realize that others could benefit from their experience. I am hoping to meet a group of individuals to look at a fabrication process I feel has been overlooked in the space industry, and just might be a way to create large, inexpensive and safe habital enviroments in Space, the Moon, or Mars.

The process involves the use of "Spiral Fabricated Materials". The manufacture process is fast and well within our capabilities. The cost is a mere pittence compared to current fabrication processes employed. I am looking to connect with individuals willing to look at my approach and see if this is as worthy and idea as I feel it is. I, like so many of you, have dreamed of traveling the stars since I was a little boy. Who wants to join me? Cheers to all of you working hard out there to make this a reality!

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