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Share Your Story • Rudy Alleyne • April 23, 2015

A Far Away World

What about me? I'm the guy that cried at the end of episode 11 of Cosmos. Born in the Bahamas I was always curious about how the world worked around me: why the way things were and how we could possibly improve our standard of living. I was the one always asking questions, trying to come to a clear understanding of the life we lived, even when it began to annoy those who found such questions insignificant or intimidating. When a problem arises I have to first figure out why it's a problem in the first place and then find a possible solution. That's just who I am. A fixer, a solver, a breaker, a reconstitutionalist; a scientist! Science is my passion becasue it relies on two important axioms: Reason and common sense. Common, in the sense that we don't know everything about life or the universe in which we reside just that there is something new to learn, everyday. A foolish man knows everything while a wise man knows nothing.

I'm glad to be a part of a society that has Bill Nye The Science Guy as a member and CEO. His honest enthusiasm for the subject made science fun and exciting in my formative years (born in 1983 btw).

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