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Share Your Story • Cristian Gonzalez • April 8, 2015

My Curiosity

When I was a child, I would stay outside at night and look up at the stars, especially the bright ones. My fascination grew once I was introduced to science fiction movies. I especially got interested in UFOs and the possibility of life on other planets. I would find out later that many of the things in these films were impossible or not likely to occur, but my interest in space stayed with me.

As I grew up, I started getting more into science and what space travel might look like. I loved how I learned that future space ships might have a spinning circle to create artificial gravity or that we can find signs of life in the form of microbes and not the E.T. aliens we all grew up watching. I believe that space exploration is very important. We need to invest in space to find the answers to some of the most difficult questions that we ask ourselves. I also feel like all of us who are in The Planetary Society are contributing to something that will inspire a whole new generation of young children to get interested into science and enjoy the wonderful things it has to offer.

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