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Share Your Story • Stuart Lipscombe • March 5, 2015

Exploration is breathtaking

Hi, my name is Stuart. Tonight I took the plunge and joined the Planetary Society. So a bit about me. I am studying Bachelor of General Studies - Science Pathway at the University of Tasmania. I was previously studying the arts pathway. However through the mid semester break last year I got to watching lots of The Big Bang Theory and listening to a lot of StarTalk Radio. I realized I wanted to study physics. So I tried the Physics Foundation unit over the spring. After finally completing my first semester of the arts pathway.

My math wasn't up to scratch. So I decided to change pathways and go for science, to give my self a better foundation of math. I have extreme math anxiety. However as Dr Tyson says "Do something not because it is easy, but because it is hard". After my general Physics degree I hope to go on and study Astrophysics. There is a lot about me.

Cheers, Stuart.

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