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Share Your Story • Martin • February 17, 2015

Stunned by the Morning Sky

Stunned by the Morning Sky

I stepped out onto the porch at the front door of my home in Sandia Park, New Mexico. I took this picture with a simple Sony digital camera. There are actually ten pictures in all that I began taking at 7:39AM while the sky was still quite black. By 7:49AM the sky was blue as beauty itself. This picture, taken 4-22-2009 at 7:48AM, is the most dramatic, because the trees give it scale. The sky here does this to me continuously, and often, when I least expect it, it stuns me. Since I am new to uploading pictures to The Planetary Society's website, I will wait and learn how this goes. If all works out smoothly, I will upload more of the marvels that my little Sony digital has captured.

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