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Share Your Story • John Leach • January 19, 2015

As a human, it's just natural.

For me, space is just one sliver of the iceberg. I feel the need to look further. Take each piece and put them together. To see the whole picture.

That's how I see it. My name is John Leach and I am just starting to grasp my inner knowledge seeker. As I say it: "It's just human." As I see the world today, some may see as profit. Some might see it as the whole. This is it. This is all there is and they are fine with that. I myself see much more, as does everyone else reading this. I recently joined the Planetary Society with the goal of finding others who share my thoughts. My interest with space and science came from the start. Back in school, I took many science classes that I wish I had taken more seriously. Now that I have more free time, I can learn much more than school could ever teach me. I also have Bill Nye the ever famous science guy to thank for my interest. Many of my younger science classes were made all the better when we watched his show. For that, I truly thank him. I also thank everyone who is a part of this. I hope to learn a great deal with my time on Earth.

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