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My Sky and My Story submissions from 2014

Otherworldly Sunrise

Bright sunrise saturates camera CCD to produce unusual image

The Vehicle Assembly Building

Here they built giants.

US Astronaut Hall of Fame

Representing my Planetary Society T-Shirt at the US Astronaut Hall of Fame near Kennedy Space Center

We are all astronomers

Stargazing off Ortega Highway.

Frost at midnight

"... silent icicles, quietly shining to the quiet Moon."

Gamma Ray Pulsar Discovery and The Planetary Society

Einstein@home Planetary Society team member helped to discover new Gamma Ray pulsar J1932+1916

Supernova in M82 in all its glory!

Supernova in M82, taken from the Mars Desert Research Station outside of Hanksville, Utah.

Night sky over Mars Desert Research Station

Looking West from the Musk Observatory over the MDRS habitat, Hanksville, Utah

It started with a Moon

Seeing the Moon for the first time.

My first Moon photo

Hope you enjoy!

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