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My Sky and My Story submissions from 2014

Are There Other Intelligent Beings in Our Universe?

My view on other intelligent life.

International Space Station

The International Space Station flies overhead 10/28/14.

Landing on a comet: a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience!

Planetary Society members were there too!

I want to build things that solve problems

I want to help humanity solve problems.

My Story of Our Planets and Galaxy

I want to explore planets and galaxy through the lens of technology in God's creation.

Partial Solar Eclipse 10-23-14

Observing partial solar eclipse in Wilmington, NC.

Oct. 23rd partial solar eclipse over Denver, Iowa

I took this picture in home town through a old beat up welding mask.....and some trees.

Lunar Eclipse and Uranus 10-8-14

From my backyard in Costa Mesa, CA

Rejoining after a long lapse

Carl Sagan's legacy lives on...

South Celestial Pole Star Trail

Taken at Beltana Station in Outback South Australia in June 2014. Comprising 250 x 60 sec exposures.

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Bill Nye and people
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