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Share Your Story • William Moore • December 29, 2014

Are There Other Intelligent Beings in Our Universe?

Are there other intelligent beings in our universe? It is my contention that, yes, there are, there were and there will be more in the future. We earthlings appeared on the galactic scene 5 billion years after the birth of our sun on a planet with liquid water and the right elements in place to allow life to begin. It is my contention that the first intelligent life appeared in the universe 5 billion years after the Big Bang, 9 billion years ago. That life may long be extinct by now due to their sun dying, catastrophic self-extermination during their peak technological years, extermination by the machines they made, inability to colonize other star systems, etc. So, this 5 billion year time span is an ongoing and continuing period of time for intelligent life to evolve in whatever solar systems in whatever galaxies which are conducive to allow such evolution.

There are billions of galaxies in the observable universe with billions of stars (suns) in each of these galaxies. I think that the universe is teeming with intelligent life at the present time and that new civilizations of intelligent beings will surely evolve in the future. However, proof of my belief may not surface in my lifetime. The distances between us and other habitable planets with intelligent life are just too great to expect any type of communication, even in our own galaxy. We want to know for sure, but do we really want to make contact?

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