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Share Your Story • Vi Nguyen • December 19, 2014

My Story of Our Planets and Galaxy

I have passion for exploration and discovering planets and galaxy for years. Moreover, I like to explore planets through the lens of technology, the eyes of science and physics.

When I was young, my family lived in the farm, and so at night time we saw the night sky with many stars. The sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. God's creation is the beauty of nature. That was my childhood, that is, observed the beauty of nature through human eyes of nature behavior naturally. Then my family value was driven by desire to pursue higher education on the freedom land. We landed ourselves on the land of United States of America on the Fall season years ago, where I began to look up to the society.

The trip to visit Washington DC, USA changed my life forever, that is, I visited Smithsonian Museum and I was really impressed with NASA technology for space exploration. Then I pursued my B.S. in physics in hope to better understand about planets and galaxy. I took astronomy, general physics, modern physics, mathematics, computer, etc. I basically study to understand the fundamental of physics theory. At some point, I thought I got the hang of fundamental of physics explained through the eyes of technology and mathematics. But that only made sense in my mind for a short period of time while I studied the subjects. But I guess I had little trouble with trying to understand fundamentals of physics with religions. It not completely make sense for me. Now, I want to view fundamentals of physics through the eyes of God's creation. I want to view it from the natural behavior of nature.

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