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Share Your Story • Olivier de Goursac • December 19, 2014

Landing on a comet: a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience!

Landing on a comet: a

Just before the ESA-CNES landing session for the Philae spacecraft on comet 67-P started in Paris, Tuesday afternoon November 12, four members of The Planetary Society and its "UMSF forum" were there at our National Science Museum ("Cite des Sciences") gathering as "Ambassadors" for the Planetary Society. From left to right: "Polaris", me, Jacques Blamont (Advisory Council of The Planetary Society) and "Climber".

We were all proud being there, because we had 2 presentations ("The nucleus in 3D" and "the CIVA-P cameras landing site simulations") that were labeled as Planetary Society and were given in front of the President of the French Republic sitting just in front of us in the 1st row. When he left, he told us that he was very impressed by the images and enjoyed the show very much. On our side, the live landing of Philae was felt as a kind of a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience! Thanks so much to the Planetary Society for its support over all those years.

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