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Share Your Story • Jimmy Fritchey • July 12, 2014

From Ignorance to Intelligence

As a kid in the south I grew up as most did. In church every Sunday, was told stories about Adam and Eve and the great flood, and told about a 6,000 year old earth. As a child I struggled in the science class because I was never taught properly and didn't quite understand what everyone was talking about. But then more recently I started to look into everything and doing the research for myself rather than being told what to believe. So as I continued to delve into the wonders of science and coming to the realization that I am completely insignificant compared to the grand scale of time and space known as the cosmos, I thought this was the most amazing eye opening experience of all time, where most people would shutter and hide at the thought, I decided to chase after it. So now I'm going to college for physics and going to get my doctorate in astrophysics. If you are reading this and have doubts about science, don't be told what to believe, do the work yourself and witness the epicness that is the Universe (or Multiverse).

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