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Share Your Story • Tom Bruno • March 25, 2014

US Astronaut Hall of Fame

US Astronaut Hall of Fame

I am with a team of animators working in Atlanta for a few weeks, my usual home is in Los Angeles. I realized this location offered me an opportunity to travel to the Kennedy Space Center, provided I either booked a flight or rented a car to drive 7 hours. One of my co-workers agreed a road trip sounded fun and tagged along, so we decided to spend a little extra and rent a Camaro for the trip. I had never been to KSC or the Astronaut Hall of Fame, so this trip was extra special for me. My dad had been there in the mid seventies, when Skylab was still on the launchpad. And now they have replicas of it on display. I felt amazed at the immensity of the Saturn V rocket on display, and accomplishment in what the men and women of NASA had achieved throughout our American history. A great sense of pride overwhelmed me. It was an adventure for the books!

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