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Share Your Story • James Gan • February 27, 2013

What space means to me

What space means to me

I'm a kid who loves science, science is the only subject I pay attention, particularly Astronomy and the prospect of finding life on other planets or moons. I'm not the only one in my class that shares the same intrest, I don't recon there's a person in my year level, possibly the school who doesn't like learning about other planets) mainly because there are so many pictures and we just watch videos so we don't need to listen to our teachers)


We all love and know about NASA but thats the only space agency we know about (most of us in Australia anyway) In what i've seen so far is the Planetary Society is that it's targeted mainly for the Canadians and Americans, In Australia most people probably haven't heard of the Planetary Society so they can't be a part of space exploration since we don't have a space agency that I'm aware of. If by any chance some one ends up reading this I hope they spread the world about SETI or the Planetary Society so we will have a better chance of finding ET or finding an exotic world and if we do find them it will open up a new era for space exploration.

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