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Share Your Story • Michael Grella • February 27, 2013

Science, my life

My name is Michael, I've always been amazed by science for as long as I can remember. I was always interested and telling my mother random facts. I was born in Germany and moved to the United States when I was 9 years old in the 3rd grade. There I learned English, but that wasn't the best part, it was the first time I heard about the solar system and planets, I've seen plenty of outer-space pictures and cartoons with planets and watched cartoons with space as well. But in 3rd grade is when I really learned about our Solar System and learned the names of the planets. I was so fascinated. In 4th grade I continued my fascination on the planets and space. My dream was to become an Astronaut and explore space, I was always asking my parents about space camp and asking to go there, I wanted to go there to learn more and help me prepare to become an Astronaut and finally explore space and accomplish my dreams. It was something I really wanted and could only dream of doing with the hope that one day I would enter a Space Shuttle and blast off into outer-space and even go to the moon and even other planets (now I'm thinking hopefully Mars). As fascinated I was, as I continued to grow I started having different goals, and even though still interested, I wasn't as inspired about going into space. But my fascination of science still continued on, in my 10th grade in high school, I thought a lot about how time work and came up with my own hypothesis, I thought and thought and thought about time 24/7 it seems, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I thought I figured things out that nobody in the world has figured out before, as I did further research as I could older, turns out scientists have already talked about some of the hypothesis I came up with and I was pretty well spot on, though I thought I was somewhat more accurate and had more information. I still like to believe that I got some hypothesis that no one on this planet knows about. Though it cannot be considered science, maybe one day it will be. Anyways, I continued being inspired by science, but didn't give it much thought about having a career as a scientist in high school (I did however wanted to be a scientist when I was 12 years old). In high school I had dreams of becoming a movie director, which the idea I got from 7th grade when I had to do a project on Steven Spielberg. I carried on with this dream and went to the Art Institute to study film, which I did for a semester and a half. Throughout that time I was really interested in Evolution and learning more about that. I was really fascinated with Richard Dawkins and watched documentaries by him, I also watched plenty of other documentaries on Evolution as well as other scientific documentaries on Netflix that had to do with the Universe. After a while while going to the Art Institute, I was really contemplating if film is really what should be majoring in. As I thought about it and realized that I shouldn't major in film, but just keep it doing film as a hobby and nothing much more. As soon as I realized that, I came to realize right then and there what I really should be studying in school, science. With my interest so strong in Evolution, I decided that what I wanted to get into. Also I want to help contribute toward the studies of Evolution, with so many misconceptions on Evolution and people rejecting the evidence because of there personal believes, I want do more, to help get rid of these misconceptions and watch the world get educated, especially the children, for they are our future. I just started school, right now to do my generals at a community college, but then to transfer to a University to study Biology (Evolutionary Biology Major if possible). I want to help contribute towards science in general and hope to help the world become a better place and see more people with an education. I been watching a of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" on youtube, am I glad they are posted on there for others to see (I also hope that Bill Nye is okay with this, because I'm sure the people posting these episodes don't own the copyrights of the episodes). And even though a kids show, I've been learning so much just by watching them. If I knew where to find all the episodes of that show on DVD and had the money for it, I would totally purchase them all. I've also been watching "The Eyes of Nye" on youtube, as well as "Cosmos" with Carl Sagan on Netflix. I feel like my life revolves around science and learning more always gets me more and more excited, it's like eating the most delicious piece of candy to me. I once again have the dream of exploring space and being an Astronaut, even if I only get the chance to do it once. It would be my childhood dream come true and my life would feel complete if I had the chance to go. I am so glad to be a member of the Planetary Society, though a college student and not being able to afford to donate much, I want to find other ways to contribute to the Planetary Society. I decided to had one of my coworkers the Kids section in the Planetary Society Report magazine to hand to his kids so that his children can hopefully find and discover enjoyment in learning about science and to get educated. I will do anything I can for science and hope for a great future for the world's education.

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