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Share Your Story • Kai Staats • October 15, 2013

The Explorers

"The Explorers" - a film about passion, science, and stars. We live in an incredible time. This decade alone will see the upheaval and reconstitution of what we believe about the universe. At the same time science is bringing us into a more comprehensive understanding of the cosmos, school age children often lack that spark of the imagination which sets in motion a life-long passion for learning about the world around them. A single night with a telescope often opens one’s mind for a lifetime. When a speck of light instead shows rings, moons, or a glowing tail, the world becomes a much bigger place. What’s more, astronomy naturally leads to questions about the origins of life and interest in chemistry, biology, and physics as we question our place in the universe and how it all began.

This film captures the passion which all astronomers share, those conducting research or those simply gazing at the stars. The Explorers is a journey into the joy of learning motivated by looking into the night sky and asking, “Why?” Shot at ASU SESE, NASA Ames, Adirondack Astronomy Retreat in upstate New York, UMass Dartmouth, Mauna Kea, rural Tanzania, and Sutherland, South Africa, interviews include Dr. Jim Bell, Vytas Sunspiral, Dr. David Levy, Dr. Gaurav Khanna, Dr. Robert Fisher, Chuck Ruehle and Mponda Malozo, Dr. Sivuyile Manxoyi and amateur and professional astronomers from around the world.

To watch the trailer visit To view production stills and stay in touch as the film comes to life, visit

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